My way or the highway. The 5 road trips you have to do in your 20s

To celebrate the latest drop of the menswear striped tops dubbed the ‘Highway Lines’, we thought we’d give you a lowdown of some of the most coveted, renowned and thrilling road trips to do around the world.

The Classic California State Route

The Mecca for road trip junkies and first timers. Running along the beautiful coastline of California, built in 1934 the road is over 1,000 km. Drivers will pass through Santa Monica, San Francisco and arrive in Los Angeles.

The Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway

Beginning in the aptly named town of Dinosaur, this trip takes you through Western Colarado and Eastern Utah. A 4-day journey of 480 miles, expect to see traces of “thunder lizards” and rugged, red-rocked pre historic canyons.

Arctic Fjords from Bergen to Trondheim

Start in Norway, somewhere down the southwest coast, shimmy down some of Europe’s most famous fjords and pass the Tvindefossen waterfall. Next up you’ll be greeted by the world’s longest tunnel, try holding your breath for all 24.5km of it through the mountains. The home stretch takes you down the mesmerising Atlantic Road.

Spoleto to Norcia and the Monti Sibillini Loop, Italy

This one is on the shorter side but it means for a couple of days you can emerge yourself in the olive beauty of the Umbrian Hillside towns. Sliding down towards the Valnerina Valley this road trip will throw in some epic mountains on the way. One for those who like a more genteel ride.

Leh-Manali Highway, India

This is the dream road trip. It will take you through the Himalayan Mountains that crown India’s head. This drive is also known to some as the Buddhist pilgrimage with statues and temples to explore along the way.