The Top 10 DIY Flyers

Before InDesign and Photoshop there were scissors and glue and that was about the only way you were going to get your flyer to be slicker (or sicker in these cases) than your average. From Black Flag to Blondie and The Cramps, the below Punk Flyers have been referenced time and time again in magazines and artworks. They may be a bit in your face but who wouldn’t want to go to a gig that screams anarchy and potentially deafening music and only for a fiver.

Pussy Galore

Blondie in all her glory, supported by then unknown band Japan

The Cramps. With more latex and PVC than your heart could desire

Introducing colour to flyers was the Flaming Lips

Public Image Limited, a band set up by former Sex Pistols front man John Lydon

The Clash. Where were you?

Siouxsie and the Banshees AND The Cramps

Only a fiver and you get Sonic Youth and the Flaming Lips

Part of the curriculum, The Fall playing at a University near you?

More brilliant artworks by The Cramps