Listen to the songs that inspired the collection.


Synth-pop, alternative rock, experimental electro, Japanese electronic- you name it it’s on here and was subliminally playing in the background when the current collection came to life.



1. Tones on Tail- Rain


The Liverpudlian band- whose controversial sleeve cover for their debut hit “Lemonstone  Desired” made headlines for its raunchy nature.


2. Coitus Interruptus- Fad Gadget

One of the first live recordings of the British electronic musician.


3. Kino (remastered)- Cabaret Voltaire

The Sheffield born band were known for their avant-funk, industrial music and experimental use of a tape recorder.


4. Looking from a Hilltop – Section 25

This is one of the most famous songs from the Manchester based band, signed to the even more famous Factory Records.


5. Bye Bye Bayou – Alan Vega

Both an artist and a musician, Alan Vega was best known for his part in the protopunk group “Suicide.”


6. All Saints Day- Severed Heads

Australian band Severed Heads were originally called “Mr. & Mrs. No Smoking Sign” but changed their name after they deemed it “too ugly.”


7. Moonshake- CAN

CAN are a Krautrock band. Krautrock falls under the German experimental rock genre.


8. Something Scary- Zsa Zsa La Boum

Belgian beats from this acid formation group.


9. Yves Tumor- The Feeling When You Walk Away

Don’t be put off by the name- Yves Tumor’s experimental electronic music lives up to his reputation.


10. Mars- Tomo Akikawabaya

Japanese musician Tomo synth-pop sound started in London where he studied fashion in the late 70’s.