Odette Pavlova: Model Fact File


The current face of our McQ campaign, the striking Russian born model Odette Pavlova catches up with us to fill out her model fact file. From her favourite song lyrics to not being afraid of anywhere a shoot may take her, it’s all you need to know about the model of the moment, who walked over 38 shows this season.


Name: Odette Pavlova

Age: 22

Born: Pskov – a little town near to St. Petersburg

Live: I live in, on and from suitcases

Nickname? Vika

Favourite toy growing up? I liked to make my own

Did you have posters on your bedroom wall? No

Favourite band as a teenager? 30 Seconds to Mars was my ultimate one

Favourite band now? My parents when they meet me at the airport from a trip with Russian food lol, they are my very own band

Best lyric to a song? Songs with no lyrics

Favourite book and why? Books about psychology and psychosomatics. I find it interesting to read about what is happening in the minds of people, to read people by gestures and facial expressions

Weirdest place you have ever done a photoshoot? I’m not afraid of going anywhere for shoots.

Favourite moment in history? When our mother gave birth to us lol

What is a word you use too often? Work

Last time you cried? A few days ago with laughter

Something that makes you laugh? Last time it was my friend

Best movie? Requiem for a Dream

Something fun to do in your home town? I mean, you could see the whole city in one day- it’s very small

Something fun to do in New York? Go to art museums

What do you think is overrated? Human capabilities

Finish the sentence… In the future, I would like to do more charity work in Russia or NY – who knows where I’ll be