McQ’s Guide to Berlin

As David Bowie was at the height of his musical acclaim, battling the burden of notoriety and the bad breath of fame he was also (apparently) on the brink of a meltdown. It was in late 76’ he upped and left the City of Angels and headed for the brutalist mourning coats of Berlin. Pre the Berlin Wall falling he found solace in the dark and dubious nightlife of the German capital, and his then flat mate Iggy Pop. You can imagine the stories that followed. Drenched in hedonism, drugs and general mayhem there are stories of the two driving around underground carparks reaching 70mph and collapsing in hysterics. Parties were obligatory but so was finding a new way to write music.


McQ’s latest drop in the SS17 menswear collection features the Neukolln hoodie. A reference to this lonely and slightly lost time in the two rock stars lives.  We weren’t there, but below is an imaginary guide to what Iggy and Bowie might have gotten up to if there were flown into 2017’s Berlin.

Golden Gate Club

Allegedly, this is for those who think Berghain is a walk in the park. It’s for the hard core fan base. Thankfully (for one’s livers and general health alike) it’s only on once a month. Could have been a definite Bowie/Pop haunt.

Michelberger hotel berlin

It’s dubbed a hostel but this is more towards the hotel end of hospitality. You can either stay in one of their super cheap rooms (and you don’t have to share) or hire a suite with its own sauna, 4 guest beds and room service for slightly more dosh. Great for a harem wanting a wild weekend away in Berlin.


If you don’t know, you should. The most famous nightclub in the world. What does it look like? Phone cameras are covered with tape. So those that don’t go, will never know.

Vabali Spa Berlin

Okay, highly unlikely that the tearaways Pop and Bowie would have come here but perhaps they should have. It’s bang in the middle of the busy city, dead posh and also one more thing: It’s a nudist spa. Maybe they would have given it a shot after all.

Santa Maria

One for the masses * cough * Hipsters. Tacos’s are one euro on the aptly named Taco Tuesdays. There is also lots of Tequila. Even the Thin White Duke must have been hungry at some point.

Fat Tire Berlin

Explore the East and West sides of Berlin… on a Segway. Helmets provided, don’t worry. Culture box ticked.

Wochenmarkt/ Farmers Market

For some respite head towards the Wochenmarkt, it has everything you could ever imagine or think of. Every Saturday and Sunday. If Iggy did wholesome he would have shopped here.

About Blank Club

Where heterosexual people apparently go to pull. Worth a shot eh?