Synth-pop, alternative rock, experimental electro, psychobilly- you name it it’s on here and was subliminally playing in the background when designing the current Summer collection.

1. Human Fly – The Cramps

How do you spell fly? It’s F-L-Y. This EP by garage punk band The Cramps, released on Illegal Records is an anthem of punk music. The band’s line-up had more members than they had singles (well, nearly) and they often frequented the infamous CBGB club in New York.

2. Psycho for Your Love – The Meteors

Formed in the early ‘80s, British-born The Meteors were an ‘psychobilly’ band – a genre that marries punk rock with rockabilly, a subgenre of which the band were the first of their kind to identify with.

3. Bad Man – Oblivions

“Time was in a vacuum, when I wanted to be free. But now my adolescence has all but left me.” Sang Oblivion on their track Bad Man. Much like the Ramones Oblivions would go on to adopt the band moniker for their surnames.

4. Place Unknown – Quintron

One-man-band Quintron is an acclaimed organist and musician and hails from the USA. Another string to Quintron’s bow is his inventing credentials. He has patented a number of his own inventions; his most known being the ‘Drum Buddy,’ a mechanically-rotating, five-oscillator, light-activated drum machine.

5. Talk It– ESG

ESG are a three piece band (Emerald Sapphire & Gold) that cover a multitude of genres. From Avant-funk to No Wave and dance-punk their influence has been felt across many other genres.

6. Mother of Earth – The Gun Club

A slightly sullener number from The Gun Club. The opening line of “I’ve gone down the river of sadness,” says it all.

7. Witch in the Club – Quintron

Inventor and club owner Quintron returns with this haunting number ‘Witch in the Club.’