Listen to the songs that inspired the collection.


Synth-pop, alternative rock, experimental electro, Japanese electronic- you name it its on here and was subliminally playing in the background when designing the current collection.


1. Nitzer Ebb- Join in the chant

Formed in Essex in the early 80s by a bunch of school friends Nitzer Ebb fall under the ‘Electronic Body Music’ genre. ‘What is that?’ You ask, it’s a bit of electronic dance and elements of industrial music all mashed into one.


2. Silent Servant- Dissociation

Brought up in LA, John Mendez is more known for his stage name the Silent Servant. He is a producer and music maker who cites Sonic Youth, New Order and The Cure as some of his favourite bands growing up.


3. John Bender- Victims of a Victimless Crime

John Bender always had music running through his veins. His mother was a violinist while his father served in the army. Bender would later be credited as one of the early adopters of minimal synth music.


4. Jenny Hval- Period Piece

Jenny Hval is a singer-songwriter from Norway. She has released six albums thus far, influenced by Vampires and 70s movies.


5. Powell- A Band

An accumulation of punk, acid, techno, computer music and electronic sounds make up Powell’s eclectic style, an individual one which has earnt him a place in the acclaimed Resident Advisor’s top 100.


6. Pye Corner Audio- Lost Ways

Pye Corner Audio is a project by Martin Jenkins, based in Britain Jenkins is part of the electronic music scene.


7. Helena Hauff- Spur

Using only analogue equipment Hauff is a renowned German producer and DJ.