Documenting Youth

McQ is designed for the people who inspired it. The sub cultures, the rebellious youth and those with a creative global spirit. Every collection considers not how someone will wear it, but what journey they will take it on, and where it will end up.

‘Documenting Youth’ launching this month, is a continuous project that captures the energy and essence of a generation around the world experimenting with McQ clothing.

Shot by photographer Chris Rhodes, the venture kicks off in Beijing and Shanghai. A cast from the local creative communities of each city, including theatre, music, fashion and art, were shot in their genuine haunts. In Beijing the School Live House, an alternative DJ bar, forms the seductively seedy backdrop to the city’s coolest kids.  While LeBaron club in Shanghai, an outpost of the infamous Parisian original, hosts the local if-you-don’t-want-to-be-them-you’ll-want-to-be-friends-with-them set.

The 5th of September marks the celebration of the launch, with an event in collaboration with NYLON China in Shanghai, becoming the live translation of the snapped imagery.

‘Documenting Youth’ is a project that will travel. Seeking out the natural McQ cast around the world who will continue to influence the brand’s underground rhythm.

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