#McQHosts: Alex Sainsbury

A few words with our newest McQ Host, Alex Sainsbury.


Is Photography art? What exactly does it mean to be a photographer in London?

Our current McQ Host is photographer Alex Sainsbury and he answers just that.

If you could photograph anything what would it be?


An alien.


Best photography tip you ever got? 


Don’t think before you shoot.


Does anyone qualify to be a photographer?


Everyone can take a picture, but I don’t think everyone would actually like being a photographer.


Do you know a good photograph before you take one?


 I think it’s all about being in the right place at the right time.

What was the first photograph you remember taking?


A picture of girls at school doing hand stands.


What was the last photograph you took on your phone?


A picture of the spirit card I picked out over the weekend when doing my spirit reading. It was a wolf, if you’re interested.


The most iconic photograph of all time?


Neil Armstrong’s photograph of Edwin Aldrin standing on the moon.


The best selfie of yourself you have ever taken? 


David Bailey said a few years ago that he thought, “a selfie meant masturbation. Although of course it is masturbation of a sort” so I’m kind of sticking to what he said and trying not to do it!


Is it morally okay to take pictures of strangers? 


Lyrics from Oasis Whatever:


Always seems to me

You only see what people want you to see

How long it gonna be

Before we get on the bus

And cause no fuss

Get a grip on yourself it don’t cost much…