McQ introduces the newest members to their sneaker family.

It was said in a recent report on World War II that during the Battle of Milne Bay in the now-named Papua New Guinea the Allied troops first saw the Japanese Kaigun Tokubetsu Rikusentai (Special Naval Landing Forces) in action. Here, one of the ways in which the allies tracked down the Japanese special forces was via their unique boot prints left in the soil; easy to identify through the heavy mud of the forests.

These boots prints were courtesy of the ‘jika tabi’ or ‘tabi shoes.’ A traditional Japanese split- toe, hard-wearing sock or shoe, designed for outdoor, labour-intensive work.

These tabi shoes are a direct influence for the latest drop in McQ sneakers: The McQ Tech Sole Sneaker of Pre-Spring/Summer 2018.

Keep that image of tabi shoes in your head. Now think of a bright, glitch-y, neon sign crammed 80s Japanese aesthetic, all bright lights and dive bars. Pair the two images together and you get the Tech Sole Sneaker. Paying tribute to Japanese culture, the sneakers feature a rubber logo in high contrast riot red, referencing the national flag.

The sneakers are unisex and are crafted from a hardwearing slip resistant rubber, with a lightweight and breathable nylon mesh upper. Available in low-top and high-top, materials include neoprene, sports mesh, calf suede, 3D knit, Italian metallic leather and ponyskin.

So, introducing the two newest members to McQ’s family. Gishiki and Hikaru the Tech Sole Sneakers.